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Paleo Pina Colada Bites (Two Ways)

OMG - I think I just had a taste of Paleo nirvana when I ate one of these!
I wanted to replicate the flavours of one of my favourite but sadly hugely sugar-laden cocktails - the Pina Colada.

Simple Roast Whole Butternut Squash

Affectionately known as "Nutter-But Squash"by the 6 year old when she was younger, I can't rate this fruit (yes, technically a fruit as it has seeds, like melon, cucumber etc) highly enough.

Paleo Parsnip Rosemary Bread (Grain-free, Gluten-free, Dairy-free, Nut-free, Refined Sugar-free)

Parsnips are still plentiful at the moment here in the UK. We are eating them at least once a week simply roasted with thyme and olive oil as a quick and easy accompaniment to weeknight dinners. I used to pretend they were chips to dupe the children into eating them but nowadays they just yell, "Ooh, parsnip - yummm!"

Sweet Potato Cocoa Brownies

The consumption of sweet potato in the Paleo world can become somewhat monotonous.
So it's always fun to shake things up and include it in a sweet rather than savoury dish.

Cheese-Free 'Cheese' Crust Chicken

Moohaha - little does my husband know it but he is slowly and insidiously being Paleo-fied!

Most of his meals are now identical to mine even though he is yet to be convinced of the benefits of following a fully Paleo way of eating.

Confit of Duck

I first made this with duck legs but it works equally well with duck breasts. Obviously this will not yield a medium/ rare cooked meat for those who prefer their meat pink. But the end result is meltingly soft and tender with a delicious saltiness.

Broccoli Banana Bread (yes, really)

I had a surplus of ripe bananas in the fruit bowl and too many broccoli heads in the fridge. There sprung forth the unimaginatively named Broccoli Banana Bread.

I suggest the tasting come before the naming so as not to prejudice what is actually nothing more than a supercharged banana bread!

Chinese New Year: Paleo 'Tong Yuen' aka Sweet Red Bean Dumplings

Oh I can just imagine the outcry from Paleo dogmatics as I dare to use the words 'Paleo' and 'Bean' in the same sentence!
In anticipation of the backlash, I offer my advance apologies.

Chicken Cacciatore

I first ate this dish many moons ago in the local Italian restaurant with my then boyfriend and now husband. We don't eat out quite so frequently these days but this is my DIY version.

Super Simple Dairy Free Chocolate Mousse

This is so simple it could be made every day - if you were that way inclined!

I have made this for two consecutive Valentine's Day desserts and the children love that I make them a mini portion each too.

Garlic Sesame Roast Cauliflower

If it were up to my children, the only vegetable they'd eat meal after meal would be broccoli and carrots. As much as I love those vegetables, there's much to be gained from broadening their tastebuds as well as diversifying their dietary intake.

Cauliflower is in abundance at the moment. A huuuuge head almost the size of a child's head costs just £1! Who says healthy food is expensive?

Citrus Quinoa Salad

I've mentioned the controversial nature of including quinoa in a Paleo diet in a previous post. I still choose to include it in moderation as it is definitely not without its health benefits.

Valentine Chia Gingerbread Love Hearts

For my family...

"I love you more than chocolate sauce,
Than brownies and a cake,
Than chocolate hearts,
And berry tarts,
And all that I can bake."

Grain Free Super Seed Loaf (aka Paleo Vogel's!)

I've just experienced a tastebud deja vu!

Once upon a non-Paleo time, the crunch of golden toasted Vogel's Bread... spread thickly with crunchy peanut butter, softening from the warmth of the toast.

Broccoli with a Bang

In just over a week it will be Chinese New Year.

Growing up, one of my mum's yummiest dishes was actually stir-fried broccoli. Our school friends would actually request it when they came round; which in the context of the '80s Pop Tart and Findus Crispy Pancake era, highlights how children gravitate towards nutritious and 'real' food.

Carrot and Apple Spice Cake

My 6 year old loves to bake (and eat!) cakes. She currently harbours aspirations to become a chef and keeps her own little recipe book which contains many imaginative and interesting concoctions.

Sweet Potato Chocolate Delight

It's the weekend. Yay!

There is no pressure to spend the evening toiling over homework. There is no stressing about unwashed PE kits still languishing in the laundry bin when they are needed the next day (or is that just me?) - hurrah!

Simple Roast Fennel

I am the only member of my household who actually enjoys the slightly aniseed flavour of fennel so I only make a small amount. It works well as an accompaniment to any grilled or roast fish or meat. Feel free to double or even quadruple the quantities.

Easy Green Eggs

This is so unbelievably quick to make, whether for breakfast, lunch or a speedy supper.
Eggs are a powerhouse of nutrition, containing over a dozen vitamins and minerals and packed with protein. They are convenient, flexible and easy to prepare. And as an added bonus, they taste great.

Blueberry Bake

My idea of a treat breakfast back when I happily scarfed gluten, dairy and sugar by the vat full, was a Starbucks skinny blueberry muffin washed down with a skinny latte. In hindsight I struggle to understand how I did not identify the correlation between this consumption and the massive blood sugar drop and entire body shakiness of a couple of hours later.

Simple Fudgy Brownie

My 6 year old would happily spend hours discussing and debating her favourite foods.

There is a scene in her Enid Blyton bedtime story where the children visit the magical Land of Birthdays and, at the empty birthday table, the guests get to wish for exactly what they please and it magically appears before them.

Asian Style Dressing

I usually use this to make coleslaw with an Asian flavour twist. It makes about a cup of dressing. I put all the ingredients in a jar with a tight fitting lid (an old almond butter jar works well), which serves the dual purpose of emulsifying the dressing (giving it a vigorous shake with the lid on to combine the oil) as well as a storage vessel for any remains left for later use.

No Cheese 'Cheesy' Kale Chips

Who doesn't love a crispy savoury snack?

In the 'old days' my husband and I could easily demolish a family-sized bag of Doritos or pretzels between the two of us in front of a movie.

Coconut Figgy Energy Bombs

It's a tell tale sign that all is not as it should be when I start baking (read, eating) too many Paleo treats. Usually it's a sign that there is a missing piece or a hole in my life that I'm trying to figure out how to fill. Comforting, sweet treats that give a boost to serotonin and endorphin levels are a failsafe short term bandaid.

Appley Oniony Pork Chops

 Appley Oniony Pork Chops

Grain-free, Gluten-free, Dairy-free, Refined Sugar-free, Nut-free

Serves 4

It's Lonely Being a Caveman

One of the biggest challenges with adopting a Paleo eating plan is how isolating it can become. Even my husband has on various occasions threatened to issue me with an ASBO (Anti-Social Behaviour Order, for those not UK based) .