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Carob Seed and Nut Energy Bars

Something about the countdown to Christmas is synonymous with an abundance of indulgent goodies. Perhaps it's the sweet joy of being with family and friends, sharing food, festivities and fun. Wrap these delightful little bars as gifts, scatter them on a board for sharing or just sit and savour one by the glow of a cosy fire. Red ribbons optional but chocolate coatings a seasonal necessity! 

Serious Cocoa Fix Sweet Potato and Spinach Mini Muffins (Flourless, Nut-free)

This is one for the serious chocolate lovers - who love it dark, dense, slightly bitter and ever so grown up!

Banana Bread Smoothie Bowl

Serve as breakfast, snack, dessert, or even as a lunch alternative. This recipe featured as a guest post over on  Perfectly Paleo a UK based online source for paleo-friendly cupboard essentials.

Kids and grown ups alike will enjoy this smoothie bowl, full of vegetables to ensure a hefty dose of vitamins and a modest insulin impact. The secret ingredient to make it extra sweet and creamy is butternut squash, while maca powder gives a lovely butterscotch flavour - particularly delicious with cinnamon, banana and honey. I recommend adding a spoon of collagen for protein and amino acids but this is optional and will not affect the taste if omitted.

Mini Turkey Burgers

Make these big or small - wrapped in lettuce wraps or alongside a colourful salad or pile of roasted veg. The kiddies usually prefer them miniature-sized next to a big creamy blob of mashed sweet potato.

Elphie's Spirulina Mint and Carob Raw Cake (Nut-Free)

Most Paleo/ Vegan raw cakes (the ones that kinda masquerade as cheesecakes but actually taste nothing like cheesecake!) are packed with nuts. Aside from the fact I am appalling at portion control and eating nuts by the cupful, albeit in a smooshed up consistency, really does me no favours digestively or calorically speaking, my daughter is actually allergic to several varieties. I made this to celebrate her major achievement this week and hope she likes it!