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Family Frittatta

Frittatta or omelette (or 'fruit'-atta as my children call it) is universally loved in our household. It is the only way (besides cake and biscuits) that I can get my 6yr old to eat egg - in a form that actually vaguely resembles egg!
It is so flexible, utilising any assortment of vegetables at hand (you can also add bacon and salt, pepper, herbs to taste) - nutrient-dense and protein-rich, quick to make and only one pan to wash up! A winner at weekend lunches when time is precious.

Coconut Cinnamon Banana Loaf

Pre-Paleo one of my favourite comfort foods was peanut butter and blueberry jam on granary bread. I don't miss it per se but I miss the comforting feeling of something simultaneously soft, stodgy, salty, nutty, sweet and fruity.

Tahini Roast Brussel Sprouts

'Dear Mummy, Enjoy your sprouts."

That is exactly what my 6 year old wrote in her Christmas card to me last month!

Covert Paleofication - Imperfectly Paleo Chicken and Mushroom Pie

It's tough persuading the rest of the family to board the paleo train when it involves leaving behind so much they love and know. Goodbye to lifelong buddies - icecream, cheese, conventional cakes, cookies, cereal - need I go on?

The Helpful vs Harmful Test

One of my ways of dealing with stepping down from the pressure of following a perfect Paleo eating regime, is to apply the 'Helpful vs Harmful to Health' test.
There are obviously foods that fall quite unequivocally into one category. Eg Vegetables, fruit, fish, eggs, nuts and seeds (unless individually intolerant of course) are Helpful to Health; Pringles and Krispy Kreme's candy-coated goodies, without a doubt, Harmful to Health.

Controversial Ingredient Alert: Quinoa Bars

Quinoa is a pseudograin and does not contain gluten (of which I am intolerant). In recent years it has been awarded the prestigious title of Superfood, in light of its reasonable levels of fibre, phosphorous, calcium, magnesium and iron.

Cocoa Coconut Macaroons My Way

I LOVE coconut - which is more than fortunate given its popularity in the paleosphere; for eating, slathering on skin, oil pulling (how does anyone have time to do this daily for 20mins every morning before breakfast?) etc etc.

McPaleo Happy Meal!

The eyes on my 'Happy Meal' are my take on NomNomPaleo's Spicy Tuna Cakes which I batch make and freeze (; served atop swiss chard, smiley face sliced cabbage, asparagus, stirfried with ginger and chilli, in coconut oil.