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New York Post, Wednesday 4th May 2016!

One of my green smoothie bowls was pictured in a double page feature about smoothie bowls in the New York Post this week!

Matcha Maca Mint Green Smoothie Bowl

Bottom right!

New York Post Wed 04/05/16

Notwithstanding the following:
(1) the inaccurate list of ingredients (minor mixup as they asked me to send through half a dozen photos from my Instagram then seemingly paired the photo with the wrong caption!);
(2) the fact I am completely unmentioned in the article (not altogether a negative - see below);
(3) I cannot get a copy of NY Post here in the UK,
I am still secretly slightly happy :)

The featured bowl should actually read:
Handful fresh mint leaves from the garden, tsp matcha, tsp maca, big handful spinach, stick celery, 2" courgette, qtr ripe avocado, half banana and 1/4-1/2 c coconut milk. Blended in nutribullet and topped with Sicilian blood orange, edible flowers, physalis and hemp hearts.

Not sure I fully agree with some of the content in the accompanying article though - the fact that the sub title begins with the word 'freak' doesn't presage positivity! The image of a bunch of time-rich crazies spending "up to three hours crafting" their breakfast bowls (whaaaaat?) is not a gang I want to be part of!

Mine take 10-15mins and I make them when I need a break from doing desk work or housework - a way of carving out some meditative me-time in an otherwise chaotic day. When even the 10mins isn't available, I just eat the smoothie base straight out of the nutribullet cup without decanting into a bowl, throw a few toppings into the cup for texture - taking less time than making a piece of toast.


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