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Matcha Bliss Balls

I created these for my little boy whose favourite colour is green and I wanted to surprise him with something (naturally) green on the top of his birthday cake. He also has a mini obsession with bliss balls (as do I)!

These are nut-free but work really well with pistachio nuts instead of the sunflower seeds if there are no nut allergies to be catered to. Pistachio nuts also add even more green vibrancy to the end result.

Water Chestnut Sushi Rolls

The ultimate carb and calorie free way to eat 'rice' is undoubtedly to blitz vegetable of choice into 'rice' like grains. Oftentimes blitzed up raw vegetables can be rather crumbly, rendering the process of making (and eating!) neat little sushi rolls a frustrating pastime.

Banana Brownie (Egg-free Nut-free Hidden Greens)

No sugar, no nuts, no eggs, no grains or gluten (obviously), no nasties. Contains hidden kale and spinach. And the best thing? The kids LOVE it!

Raw Banana Bread Cookie Dough Balls

Super simple little wholesome snack using a few kitchen staples.

These are especially useful for school snack boxes as they are nut-free - just make sure they don't get too warm!