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Raw Lemon and Poppy Seed Cake Balls

What to do when cake craving strikes but the internal tug of war between the inner clean-eating angel and wayward sugar fiend is in the midst of a civil war without end in sight? Step forward these no-bake cake balls.

Cumin Roast Delicata Squash with Celeriac Rice and Matcha Tahini Dressing

You would not believe how excited I was when I spotted a delicata squash in my local Waitrose! Almost as excited as I used to get when I found a Louboutin in my size at a sample sale - trust me; that is VERY excited!

Common as they are in the US they are still fairly hard to come by here in the UK where the butternut has a monopoly on the supermarket squash scene. The skin is edible - and looks oh so pretty sliced in the horizontal don't you think? Just make sure to wash it well and remove seeds.

Persimmon and Squash Autumn Slice

My children and I absolutely LOVE sharon fruit (aka persimmon). Recently, as I bit into a particularly ripe and delicious one I experienced what can only be described as a Proustian memory - the same taste, smell and texture shelved in a box decades old; the home I shared with my parents, sisters and brother; the way the sunset always cast a luminous orange glow across the red carpet (yes, it was hideous!) in the living room. It is distant yet close - like the family I now see so rarely: logistically distant but always in my heart...

Pear Watercress and Beetroot Salad

Autumn is here. Pears are abundant. Despite the colder weather I am clinging persistently to my lunchtime salads before they hibernate to make way for winter warmers. This autumnal bowl combines the sweetness of pears with earthy beetroot and crunchy pecans. The caperberries provide a little sharp and salty zing which is balanced out by the mellow creamy tahini dressing. And plenty of immune boosting nutrients and vitamin C in watercress to ward off those pesky colds.