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PB & J Sweet Potato Cookie Dough

Given how popular my Mint Choc Chip Sweet Potato Cookie Dough was with my children, I thought I'd play with a new flavour. Sticking with the childhood memories theme, I am going with my hands-down favourite sandwich combo - PB&J.

A few blog posts back I mentioned the involuntary 'Proustian' memories unlocked and invoked by certain tastes or smells - well, peanut butter and jam (jelly) sandwiches transport me back to what feels like a different lifetime belonging to a different person. I look back fondly at that little girl who loved to draw, paint and read (not much change there) but with a hint of sadness at her lost sense of joyful carefree abandon.

Smoked Salmon, Celeriac and Rocket Salad

Celeriac is a foodstuff that leaves me polarised from the rest of my family in my unending love for it - roasted, mashed, grated, pureed into soup and even blended into smoothies (yep, I am that crazy for it). Everyone else hates it - in even its most benign guise. Hey ho. That's why I eat it for lunch when the kids are at school and my better half is at work ;oP

Coconut Quinoa and Raisin Cookies

For some, this recipe could be considered pushing the Paleo boundaries. If quinoa is that one step too far over the line for you then there is an option to substitute it for extra dessicated coconut. I am too long in the tooth to be so meticulous about a little bit of quinoa once in a while but it depends entirely on how it affects you as an individual.

Caramelised Carrot and Squash Dip

I made this one a while back when the fridge was looking somewhat Old Mother Hubbard-esque. We always have carrots and squash lurking in there.

It's been a stressful week. I have lost something of such immense sentimental value to me that I feel slightly lost and thrown off kilter. A bracelet that has been on my wrist nearly every single say since my husband gave it to me over three years ago has vanished - Disapparated Harry Potter-style to the Land of Lost Property. I have searched tirelessly but to no avail. This bracelet has been with me most poignantly through almost the entirety of this blog journey and it feels like a sign.