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Lavender Fig and Honey Mini Cheesecakes

Lavender grows in abundance in this part of the world. It smells so relaxing and looks so beautiful that when I recently visited a lavender farm I knew I had to devise a recipe that set it centre stage.
Lavender is a herb that has a huge host of uses, including easing anxiety and stress, antiseptic properties and apparently relieving muscle and joint stiffness

Guilt-free Chocolate

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a woman in need of comfort/ celebration/ stress/ anxiety reduction/ sadness alleviated/ insert as applicable, must be in want of some chocolate? Seriously, Jane Austen missed a trick with this line!

Chocolate Birthday Cake with Ganache Frosting (& Freezer Fudge Byproduct!)

I'm still very much a Paleo girl living in a predominantly non-Paleo world. In this part of the world (by which I refer to the real world in my geographical proximity as opposed to cyber world within fingertip proximity), living a Paleo lifestyle is just not that common. I'd go so far as to say rare.

 This week marked the birthday of someone super special to me and, breaking my rule of never imposing my Paleo guidelines on family birthday cakes, I decided it was time to test the waters. Alongside my desire to create a healthful cake for my family, my seflish ulterior motive was that I also wanted to be able to join in the cake-eating fun for once.

Yin Yang Superfood Smoothie Bowl

Got to love the idea of healthy creativity instigated on Instagram by @amylecreations and @delicious_and_healthy_by_maya

This recipe was my contribution to their #howtomakeithealthier campaign; which conveniently coincides with #howtomakemehappier!

Guest Post on Paleo Flourish Magazine: Paleo Courgette Avocado and Mackerel Spring Salad -

I am super excited to have my recipe featured by Ancestral Chef (Louise Hendon) over at Paleo Flourish Magazine:

I created this back in Spring but it's equally as weather appropriate in the sunny climes of Summer  - so much so that I think I might make it this week! Take a look at the full recipe over on her site x

Courgette Avocado and Mackerel Salad

Matcha-Maca-Cacao Tricolor Treats

Is it a chocolate? A candy? A dessert? A sweet? A chocolate? I have no idea what to call these but I DO know that they are yummy and a treat!