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Courgetti Meatballs with Speedy Squash-Mato Sauce

Weekday family friendly easy meals always come in useful. Save any leftover meatballs and serve cold with a salad the next day or in a lunchbox. If you have plenty of time then feel free to slowly simmer a more in-depth flavoured tomato sauce but this Squash-Mato Sauce is a quick and healthy 5 minute option. I serve them on raw spiralised courgette but any spiralised or mixed sauteed vegetable will do just fine.

Chocolate Nut Butter Easter Eggs

These are adapted from my Guilt-Free Chocolate Recipe

A little bit of fun for the Easter festivities without having to suffer any ill effects of sugar, dairy or gluten. I like my chocolate bitter and happily enjoy it without any sweetener but feel free to sweeten to taste with a little maple syrup or honey. To make these nut-free, try subbing the almond butter for tahini mixed with a little maple syrup or honey or use sunflower or pumpkin seed butter. Happy Easter x

Matcha Mint Green Protein Bowl

Another day another smoothie bowl! A perfect way to get in your 5 a day or simply a little pick me up snack or breakfast bowl. Never a wrong time for a bowl of green goodness. Cleansing, refreshing, vitamin packed and satisfyingly protein-rich. Have a good day x

This recipe was created for the lovely people over at  Creative Nature Superfoods where you can get 10% discount on any of their products using code IMPAL10.

Sweet Potato, Chocolate & Chia No Bake Cake

Be still my beating heart... I kid you not, I needed to exert an extraordinary level of self-restraint not to eat the entire contents of the food processor prior to this mix making its way into the cake tin. It exudes a dangerously Voldermort-esque allure! And when it came to slathering over the creamy top onto the base I may have accidentally on purpose left more than a generous amount at the bottom of the bowl for licking out - cook's prerogative and all that. Shhh - don't tell my kids! Mooohaha!