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Carob Seed and Nut Energy Bars

Something about the countdown to Christmas is synonymous with an abundance of indulgent goodies. Perhaps it's the sweet joy of being with family and friends, sharing food, festivities and fun. Wrap these delightful little bars as gifts, scatter them on a board for sharing or just sit and savour one by the glow of a cosy fire. Red ribbons optional but chocolate coatings a seasonal necessity! 

Serious Cocoa Fix Sweet Potato and Spinach Mini Muffins (Flourless, Nut-free)

This is one for the serious chocolate lovers - who love it dark, dense, slightly bitter and ever so grown up!

Banana Bread Smoothie Bowl

Serve as breakfast, snack, dessert, or even as a lunch alternative. This recipe featured as a guest post over on  Perfectly Paleo a UK based online source for paleo-friendly cupboard essentials.

Kids and grown ups alike will enjoy this smoothie bowl, full of vegetables to ensure a hefty dose of vitamins and a modest insulin impact. The secret ingredient to make it extra sweet and creamy is butternut squash, while maca powder gives a lovely butterscotch flavour - particularly delicious with cinnamon, banana and honey. I recommend adding a spoon of collagen for protein and amino acids but this is optional and will not affect the taste if omitted.

Mini Turkey Burgers

Make these big or small - wrapped in lettuce wraps or alongside a colourful salad or pile of roasted veg. The kiddies usually prefer them miniature-sized next to a big creamy blob of mashed sweet potato.

Elphie's Spirulina Mint and Carob Raw Cake (Nut-Free)

Most Paleo/ Vegan raw cakes (the ones that kinda masquerade as cheesecakes but actually taste nothing like cheesecake!) are packed with nuts. Aside from the fact I am appalling at portion control and eating nuts by the cupful, albeit in a smooshed up consistency, really does me no favours digestively or calorically speaking, my daughter is actually allergic to several varieties. I made this to celebrate her major achievement this week and hope she likes it!

Paleo Tabouleh

A beautiful (and healthful) dish to adorn the table whatever the season - whether a sunny picnic lunch or a festive Christmas side dish, the jewel bright pomegranate seeds and fresh flavours are always a welcome addition.

Matcha Blondies

I love matcha and I love brownies - the hybrid result is these deliciously squidgy, naturally sweet and full of goodness Matcha Blondies.

I adapted the recipe from my Squidy Sesame Protein Brownie recipe but obviously without the cacao  and using the antioxidant rich flavour of matcha with warm honey and vanilla undertones.

Sundried Tomato, Sumac and Black Garlic Baba Ganoush

Hands up who hasn't yet tried black garlic?

Healthy No-Bake Chocolate Dream Cake

Could anything be more the stuff of dreams than indulgent chocolate being healthy? Well, in this case, a resounding yes!

Anchovy Avocado and Seaweed Cucumber Boats

This simple dish is how I envisage umami. Salty anchovies balanced with zesty lemon juice and fresh coriander all enhanced by the taste and crunch of nori seaweed. Big bold and intense flavours of the topping are paired perfectly with the diametrically opposed fresh cucumber base.

Spicy Autumn Squash Soup

There's something about autumn being synonomous with soup. Salads are sometimes not what the body craves when the leaves are cascading from the trees and the daylight hours are rapidly diminishing.

This vibrant soup is enough to brighten the darkest of days and the spicy ginger and punchy turmeric and cayenne awaken the senses when it can be tempting to lie like a sloth lamenting the loss of summer!

Fig and Blueberry Grain-Free Porridge (N'oatmeal)

With the weather turning colder my regular breakfast salad is starting to feel a little amiss. More than the odd morning have I caught myself sneaking covetous glances and salivating slightly at the steaming bowl of porridge (oatmeal) across the breakfast table being enjoyed by my gluten tolerant other half.

Guest Post on Paleo Parents: Kale and Lime Cupcakes with Whipped Coconut Cream

Kale. Coconut. Cake. These are definitely a few of my favourite things!

When the lovely people at Paleo Parents agreed for me to feature a guest post I was over the moon with excitement. Then I was struck with the dilemma of choosing just ONE recipe!
After much to-ing and fro-ing I settled on the one that encompasses how I feel about the food I choose to cook and eat every day: healthful, tasty, pretty and unconventional.Thank you again to Paleo Parents for featuring my recipe - you can go check it here Guest Post Kale and Lime Cupcakes

Squidgy Sesame Protein Brownies

As much as I love coconut flour and am fiercely loyal to the regular inhabitants of my life, dietary or otherwise, sometimes, out of nowhere comes an itch to venture off-piste just for a brief adventure!

Oil Pulling Review

Got to try it before you mock it right?

This morning officially saw the last of the 250ml jar of coconut oil I opened 31 days ago to begin my oil pulling experiment. I didn't miss a single day. I started out with a miserly teaspoon and gradually worked up to a heaping teaspoon.

Steamed Chinese Cabbage Parcels

Chinese food is often stereotyped as heavy, greasy and seasoned with a hefty dose of MSG. Let me assure you: This is a myth!

Anniversary Chocolate Mousse Tarts

To celebrate our anniversary I wanted to make something special. And obviously I had to make enough for the children!

Looking back at the person I was on my wedding day feels like looking back at a long lost friend - I haven't caught up with her for a while, shared a joke (or a gluten and dairy pizza). Though she's changed a lot, one thing that has remained unwavering is her love of chocolate - albeit these days without the dairy and only a fraction of the sweetness.

Matcha Jelly Babies (Gummies)

Full of collagen boosting gelatin which is protein-packed, these gummies provide a nutritious and filling little bite for kids and grown ups alike - beats Haribo any day!

Spirulina Detox Smoothie Bowl

Spirulina is touted as somewhat of a superhero of the food world - it lays claim to superpowers that include fighting viruses, preventing cancer and warding off the effects of ageing. It contains all the essential amino acids and is high in protein. Quite veritably Superman in the skin of the Incredible Hulk!

Smoked Paprika and Porcini Artichoke 'Houmous'

There's something irresistibly delicious and luxurious about houmous - rich and thick in texture, garlicky and flavourful, making even the most mundane chip or crudite utterly more-ish!

(Scarily Delicious) Chocolate Truffles

This quick and easy treat needs no preamble.

I'm never one for much of an excuse when it comes to yummy treats and honestly these are pretty healthy as far as chocolate truffles go but who am I kidding, a truffle is a truffle is a truffle! Enjoy in moderation.

Ginger Lime Courgette Ribbon Salad with Salmon and Cashews

Another super simple meal that can be thrown together in a matter of minutes. Fast food at its best - plenty of punchy flavours from ginger and lime, together with good fats from salmon, cashews and sesame seeds.

Raw Watermelon Freezer 'Cookies'

To celebrate (or commiserate) the end of summer and because today I need some happy brightness to counteract a sad loss...

Watermelon is in abundance in the summer months plus it's refreshing and cooling on hot days. Its high water content makes it unhelpful to bake with so this is raw and does need to be stored in the fridge (or even better, freezer then defrost briefly before eating).

Lavender Fig and Honey Mini Cheesecakes

Lavender grows in abundance in this part of the world. It smells so relaxing and looks so beautiful that when I recently visited a lavender farm I knew I had to devise a recipe that set it centre stage.
Lavender is a herb that has a huge host of uses, including easing anxiety and stress, antiseptic properties and apparently relieving muscle and joint stiffness

Guilt-free Chocolate

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a woman in need of comfort/ celebration/ stress/ anxiety reduction/ sadness alleviated/ insert as applicable, must be in want of some chocolate? Seriously, Jane Austen missed a trick with this line!

Chocolate Birthday Cake with Ganache Frosting (& Freezer Fudge Byproduct!)

I'm still very much a Paleo girl living in a predominantly non-Paleo world. In this part of the world (by which I refer to the real world in my geographical proximity as opposed to cyber world within fingertip proximity), living a Paleo lifestyle is just not that common. I'd go so far as to say rare.

 This week marked the birthday of someone super special to me and, breaking my rule of never imposing my Paleo guidelines on family birthday cakes, I decided it was time to test the waters. Alongside my desire to create a healthful cake for my family, my seflish ulterior motive was that I also wanted to be able to join in the cake-eating fun for once.

Yin Yang Superfood Smoothie Bowl

Got to love the idea of healthy creativity instigated on Instagram by @amylecreations and @delicious_and_healthy_by_maya

This recipe was my contribution to their #howtomakeithealthier campaign; which conveniently coincides with #howtomakemehappier!

Guest Post on Paleo Flourish Magazine: Paleo Courgette Avocado and Mackerel Spring Salad -

I am super excited to have my recipe featured by Ancestral Chef (Louise Hendon) over at Paleo Flourish Magazine:

I created this back in Spring but it's equally as weather appropriate in the sunny climes of Summer  - so much so that I think I might make it this week! Take a look at the full recipe over on her site x

Courgette Avocado and Mackerel Salad

Matcha-Maca-Cacao Tricolor Treats

Is it a chocolate? A candy? A dessert? A sweet? A chocolate? I have no idea what to call these but I DO know that they are yummy and a treat!

Shaved Fennel, Mint, Avocado, Orange and Pistachio Salad

This is less a recipe than a documentation of a delicious flavour combination I enjoyed for lunch and want to remember so I can make it again some time! Achingly simple but pretty enough to serve up to guests.

Spiced Pilaf Cauliflower Rice with Mushrooms and Pine Nuts

This is a wonderful side dish to any curry, roast meat or barbecue. The warming flavours (and colour) of turmeric, cardamom, cumin and cinnamon shine through. It can be served warm or cold and can be transported in a large lidded container as part of a picnic lunch. Or if you fancy a vegan meal just eat it unaccompanied - the pine nuts give plenty of protein as well as texture.

Blueberry and Red Cabbage Mini Muffins ('The Purple Ones')

These remind me of The Purple Pieman from Strawberry Shortcake! Obviously they are not wicked in the least - being free from refined sugar, gluten and dairy. The sweetness comes from juicy blueberries and a ripe banana, which adds to the super squidgy texture. The hidden red cabbage adds that extra nutritional bomb, packed with polyphenols with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer benefits. Surely the epitome of healthy cake!

Conveniently, they are also nut-free for those intolerant and find many Paleo muffins use nut flours.

Coriander (Cilantro) and Lemon Pesto (with Celeriac 'Pasta')

This morning a kindly elderly lady stopped me in the gym to tell me I have a "lovely running style" - she'd been watching me on the treadmill! I graciously thanked her and held back from regaling her with epic tales of my running related injuries (shin splints, stress fractures, patella pain, ITB injuries, tendonitis etc etc). These days my runs are limited to a ceiling of 5km and I focus on sprint training.

Mango Tropical Chia Breakfast Pudding

The temperature here has soared to high 30s - apparently last week saw the hottest Wimbledon week in history. Might as well pretend we are in the tropics!

Raw Paleo Black Forest 'Cheese' Cake

A 'Paleo Cheesecake' is about as oxymoronic as culinary contradictions go! Before you assume I have taken the imperfection of paleo eating to the extreme, I assure you no dairy, gluten or refined sugar are involved in this recipe. The real joy though is that the non-Paleo dinner guests who I created this for happily scraped the last morsels from their plates with no complaints.

Asian Courgette Noodle Salad

A hugely versatile side dish that can be bulked up with protein and some extra fat from avocado or a handful of nuts, to make a simple and satisfying meal. I like to make a big bowl leaving plenty of extras in the fridge for lunch the next day.

Blueberry Baobab Summer Slushie

Yesterday was officially the longest day of the year aka summer solstice. What better way to celebrate the luxuriously long days of sunlight and summer than with a slushie - despite awakening to bucketloads of soggy rain this morning! Think sunny thoughts...

Pina Colada Instant No-Churn Nicecream

It is summer at last! Synonymous with summer (for me!) is icecream.  I LOVE icecream - the creaminess, the sweetness, the joyous melting deliciousness, the associated sunny days and happy holidays. What's not to love?

From Blog to Print, Virtual to Tangible, Online to Paper

However I want to put it, I cannot begin to convey the joy of feeling my recipes on a physical page and seeing them on a store shelf - albeit bound within a tome of a myriad other unknown recipe creators and writers with little by way of acknowledgement and even less by way of pay (I got a free copy of the magazine!) - but that's beside the point! My recipes are in print! In a magazine available to buy (not given away for free for people to use in papier mache projects)! And in major retailers in England (not just via obscure online subscriptions)! Yay, yay, yay!!!

Paleo Mushroom and 'Cheese' Sunflower Seed 'Risotto'

All credit for this inspirational idea of a sunflower seed risotto goes to both Sarah Britton of the amazing 'My New Roots' and also a recipe I stumbled upon, from a chef called Leah Quay, who worked at The Ranch at Live Oak in Malibu. Thank you!

Healthy Mint Courgette 'Nicecream' Smoothie Bowl (phew what a mouthful!)

Generally Paleo 'nicecreams' are made with masses of frozen banana. While I don't have a problem with bananas per se, I do find it sometimes a bit sweet plus I know plenty of people don't particularly like a permanent strong undercurrent of banana to all their icecream flavours! To replicate that same frozen creamy texture with fewer bananas I have used frozen courgette (aka zucchini) slices. I promise the taste is not detectable!

Dim Sum Inspired Meatballs

Sadly the worlds of Paleo and Dim Sum are almost entirely mutually exclusive. Never the twain shall meet.
Most dim sum involve some form of wheat or rice based wrapper (I know, rice is kinda okay in some Paleo circles), almost certainly contains soy sauce, most definitely uses seed oils and has fairly high odds of moderate amounts of MSG.

Lemon Thyme Courgette Cake

This loaf is amazingly moist and squidgy - almost fudgey in texture and tastes like a completely indulgent treat despite being packed with courgette and good fats from avocado. It isn't excessively sweet (equivalent of less than 1 date per slice) and has a fresh zesty tang from the lemon - think of it as a nutritionally superior lemon drizzle cake!

Soup-er Healthy Green Soup

There are some days only a big warming bowl of healthful soup will suffice. For those 'under the weather' days or when it's just a little dreary out there, this is the equivalent of a giant duvet in a bowl.

Sweet Potato Spiced Energy Bites

These little balls are full of immune boosting turmeric and cinnamon, an all-round superhero with its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and blood sugar lowering benefits. The spices add a lovely warmth and depth of flavour to the natural sweetness of the sweet potato.

Salmon in Avocado Sauce on a Fennel and Sweet Potato Nest

This is such a pretty dish to look at as well as tasty to eat and full of good fats in both the salmon and avocado.
It is perfect when hosting a light meal for guests - just make sure not to overcook the delicate soft pink salmon and only very gently stir it through the velvety vibrant green aocado sauce so it doesn't fall apart too much.

No-Nut Cocoa Mint Energy Bites

If it isn't already apparent, I am rather partial to the flavour of mint! Polo mints were my sweet of choice as a child. But is there any better pairing than chocolate and mint - think After Eights, Matchmakers, Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies - should I go on?

Sticky Cantonese Pulled Pork Stirfry

This dish is a great way to re-invent (aka use up) leftover slow cooker pulled pork.

I dedicate this recipe to my mum, whose birthday it is today! Most of my food memories are from my mum who always cooked our family meals from whole real foods growing up at a time when many families were serving up Findus Crispy Pancakes and microwave ready meals. Mum is such a champion of anything I cook - thank you and Happy Birthday!

Pistachio Matcha No-Churn 'Icecream'

Obviously this is not ice cream in the traditional cream-containing sense! It uses avocado and full fat coconut milk to simulate the fat and creaminess. This is a match made in matcha heaven with the pistachio nuttiness and a hint of vanilla.

Beetroot Cherry and Acai Smoothie

Appearances are anything but deceptive in this instance - the naturally bright and vivid reddish purple is the epitome of antioxidant goodness! Such a perfect boost at breakfast or any time of the day.