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About Me

When I first started following a Paleo way of eating in August 2013, I didn't anticipate I'd still be wholeheartedly doing so today. Little also did my family believe this 'fad' would last.

Despite cynicism, uninvited criticism and much eyebrow raising, I continued to eschew my lifelong devotion to grains at breakfast, lunch and invariably dinner too. I'd long ago stopped eating pasta anyway as it always gave me chronic stomach pain so this wasn't actually that big a step.

Overnight I also turned my back on my other BFF (best food friend), dairy. Since as long as I can remember yogurt has been part of my daily diet despite subconsciously knowing I was intolerant at best and allergic at worst to dairy. Too much dairy always resulted in small itchy rashes on my face.

In one brutal move, I cut all ties with refined sugar, legumes, alcohol, fun - I'm kidding, though that is exactly how my husband described it.

I went in at the deep end and even cut out all fruit for the first 2 weeks (fructose). In hindsight I think I was doing an almost Whole 30 without even realising what that was at the time. I was driven and committed; cooking relentlessly (it's hard work cooking separate meals for yourself and your completely unconvinced family) and preparing all snacks and for all eventualities to avoid unforeseen pitfalls that might doom me to failure.

I was spurred on by noticeably better sleep (I sleep terribly), fewer low blood sugar shaky episodes (which I was very prone to), clearer skin (don't get me started on my skin) and a leaner body (that was probably more to do with the new weights regime but that's a different story).

After the initial honeymoon period, the stresses of never ending food prep combined with a strict fitness regime, topped off with worrying constantly about having acceptable food options making me fear social engagements, took its toll. And the benefits of the early days started sliding into distant memory.

In a bid to reboot, I decided to share my creations (good, bad and sometimes very ugly) for 30 days. You can follow this here:

At the same time, I re-discovered my passion for experimenting in the kitchen and wanted an outlet to log my recipes, especially for family and friends who voiced their loss at where to begin on a healthy eating voyage.

Since realising the error of my perfection-seeking early Paleo days, I decided to share some of my experiences with a wider audience and try to help people on this journey. This is a journey that can be travelled by anyone. Part of being Paleo is the community aspect; supporting others embarking on a lifestyle that might help them become healthier and thereby happier. 

Paleo doesn't have to mean giving up all modern privileges to literally live in a cave, waving one's club, unshod and unshorn!

It is more about optimising health by eating in a natural, unprocessed way, with an emphasis on nutrition, reducing stress, healing hormones and, in the words of Loren Cordain, 'living well and living longer'. 

To constantly obsess about perfection is stressful in itself. All we can do is try to make the best choices and live an Imperfectly Paleo life.