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Asian Courgette Noodle Salad

A hugely versatile side dish that can be bulked up with protein and some extra fat from avocado or a handful of nuts, to make a simple and satisfying meal. I like to make a big bowl leaving plenty of extras in the fridge for lunch the next day.

Blueberry Baobab Summer Slushie

Yesterday was officially the longest day of the year aka summer solstice. What better way to celebrate the luxuriously long days of sunlight and summer than with a slushie - despite awakening to bucketloads of soggy rain this morning! Think sunny thoughts...

Pina Colada Instant No-Churn Nicecream

It is summer at last! Synonymous with summer (for me!) is icecream.  I LOVE icecream - the creaminess, the sweetness, the joyous melting deliciousness, the associated sunny days and happy holidays. What's not to love?

From Blog to Print, Virtual to Tangible, Online to Paper

However I want to put it, I cannot begin to convey the joy of feeling my recipes on a physical page and seeing them on a store shelf - albeit bound within a tome of a myriad other unknown recipe creators and writers with little by way of acknowledgement and even less by way of pay (I got a free copy of the magazine!) - but that's beside the point! My recipes are in print! In a magazine available to buy (not given away for free for people to use in papier mache projects)! And in major retailers in England (not just via obscure online subscriptions)! Yay, yay, yay!!!

Paleo Mushroom and 'Cheese' Sunflower Seed 'Risotto'

All credit for this inspirational idea of a sunflower seed risotto goes to both Sarah Britton of the amazing 'My New Roots' and also a recipe I stumbled upon, from a chef called Leah Quay, who worked at The Ranch at Live Oak in Malibu. Thank you!

Healthy Mint Courgette 'Nicecream' Smoothie Bowl (phew what a mouthful!)

Generally Paleo 'nicecreams' are made with masses of frozen banana. While I don't have a problem with bananas per se, I do find it sometimes a bit sweet plus I know plenty of people don't particularly like a permanent strong undercurrent of banana to all their icecream flavours! To replicate that same frozen creamy texture with fewer bananas I have used frozen courgette (aka zucchini) slices. I promise the taste is not detectable!

Dim Sum Inspired Meatballs

Sadly the worlds of Paleo and Dim Sum are almost entirely mutually exclusive. Never the twain shall meet.
Most dim sum involve some form of wheat or rice based wrapper (I know, rice is kinda okay in some Paleo circles), almost certainly contains soy sauce, most definitely uses seed oils and has fairly high odds of moderate amounts of MSG.

Lemon Thyme Courgette Cake

This loaf is amazingly moist and squidgy - almost fudgey in texture and tastes like a completely indulgent treat despite being packed with courgette and good fats from avocado. It isn't excessively sweet (equivalent of less than 1 date per slice) and has a fresh zesty tang from the lemon - think of it as a nutritionally superior lemon drizzle cake!

Soup-er Healthy Green Soup

There are some days only a big warming bowl of healthful soup will suffice. For those 'under the weather' days or when it's just a little dreary out there, this is the equivalent of a giant duvet in a bowl.