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Showing posts from June, 2016

Lemon and Rosemary Artichoke 'Houmus'

This is a variation on my Smoked Paprika and Porcini Artichoke Houmous- all the creamy deliciousness of regular houmous but replacing the legumes with more nutrient dense veggies. This version has a zingy lemon freshness and fragrant notes of rosemary picked from the garden.

Purple Sweet Potato Ice Cream

When I was little I often spent summers in Hong Kong. One of my most vivid food memories (and that is some feat given the quantity and variety of foods consumed per trip!) is the purple Ube flavoured ice cream. It was like nothing I'd ever seen here at home (and no, the blue bubblegum flavour ice lollies do not count). To think an actual real food had a colour as bright and fun as a Strawberry Shortcake cohort was mindbogglingly glorious!

Red Cabbage Fig and Pistachio Moroccan Salad

Summer is here (in theory)! My lovely husband has awoken the barbecue from its state of hibernation and I am looking forward to relaxing meals al fresco. Again, relaxing in theory owing to the cooking being passed baton-like to the man of the house! Except in reality, barbecues aren't just about throwing a bunch of meat on the barbecue while laughing with carefree abandon over a chilled Pimms. If only.

Apricot and Brazil Nut Cardamom Bliss Balls

The calming effect of rolling up a batch of bliss balls. These combine the tangy taste of unsweetened apricots (try to use unsulphured if possible even though the colour looks less pretty!) with the warmth of vanilla and cinnamon and an extra kick of aromatic spice from the complex flavour of cardamom.