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Miso Aubergine Salad

Happy Chinese New Year of the Rooster for tomorrow! Sending out good wishes to all for the lunar year ahead!

Yes, I am fully aware that miso is not considered 'paleo' but I'm Chinese and soy has featured fairly prevalently throughout my dietary lifetime - whether I consumed it a lot (while in Asia) or not at all (in my early Paleo days) has made little discernible difference to the way I feel. Some may argue the damage is stealthy and I will rue my indifference but I'll take my chances.

Mint Choc Chip Sweet Potato Cookie Dough

I went through a phase as a teenager when I just LOVED cookie dough. Back then cookie dough was still pretty novel, imported from our friends across the pond - and like my childish longing for an American accent and braces, I embraced all things of that ilk without question. Luckily my parents never bought into it and it was a rare indulged treat.

Sweet and Sour Red Cabbage with Pomegranate

Even though this was a side dish I made for Christmas Day there's no reason it should only be rolled out on an annual basis. Red cabbage is still plentiful and the balance of juicy sweet pomegranate and apple against the tangy sharpness in this dish makes this a thoroughly moreish remake of an oft underrated vegetable.

Hawaiian Fried Cauli-Rice with Pineapple and Chicken

Time to put away the industrial-sized tins of festive goodies (mince pies/ chocolates/ alcohol/ cheese - name your preferred poison!) and crack on with 2017 folks!

This is a simple yet healthful and still super tasty mid-week meal to ease back into normality. The children love this - though they prefer it with actual rice rather than riced cauliflower so feel free to sub rice if you fancy. I ate way more rice than usual over the holidays as my parents make the best rice, plus they have a snazzy new rice cooker! For vegans adding diced firm tofu instead of chicken works just as well.