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Sweet Potato Spiced Energy Bites

These little balls are full of immune boosting turmeric and cinnamon, an all-round superhero with its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and blood sugar lowering benefits. The spices add a lovely warmth and depth of flavour to the natural sweetness of the sweet potato.

Salmon in Avocado Sauce on a Fennel and Sweet Potato Nest

This is such a pretty dish to look at as well as tasty to eat and full of good fats in both the salmon and avocado.
It is perfect when hosting a light meal for guests - just make sure not to overcook the delicate soft pink salmon and only very gently stir it through the velvety vibrant green aocado sauce so it doesn't fall apart too much.

No-Nut Cocoa Mint Energy Bites

If it isn't already apparent, I am rather partial to the flavour of mint! Polo mints were my sweet of choice as a child. But is there any better pairing than chocolate and mint - think After Eights, Matchmakers, Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies - should I go on?

Sticky Cantonese Pulled Pork Stirfry

This dish is a great way to re-invent (aka use up) leftover slow cooker pulled pork.

I dedicate this recipe to my mum, whose birthday it is today! Most of my food memories are from my mum who always cooked our family meals from whole real foods growing up at a time when many families were serving up Findus Crispy Pancakes and microwave ready meals. Mum is such a champion of anything I cook - thank you and Happy Birthday!

Pistachio Matcha No-Churn 'Icecream'

Obviously this is not ice cream in the traditional cream-containing sense! It uses avocado and full fat coconut milk to simulate the fat and creaminess. This is a match made in matcha heaven with the pistachio nuttiness and a hint of vanilla.

Beetroot Cherry and Acai Smoothie

Appearances are anything but deceptive in this instance - the naturally bright and vivid reddish purple is the epitome of antioxidant goodness! Such a perfect boost at breakfast or any time of the day.

Tuna Avocado Salad 'Wraps'

Infinitely healthier than commercially pre-prepared tuna mayo, this Tuna Avocado mix can basically be 'wrapped' in whatever is to hand - romaine lettuce leaves, red cabbage leaves, deseeded bell pepper halves and nori seaweed sheets are a personal favourite. You can even just serve it piled into the empty avocado skins after scooping out the flesh from the two halves.
 No nasties, all natural ingredients, no compromise on creamy texture or flavour.

Raw Cacao 'Chunky Monkey' Chia Pudding

How could I not include a chocolate flavour in my Chia Breakfast Pudding series? The original B&J's Chunky Monkey doesn't stand a chance with this healthful, moo-less, sugar-free contender in the opposite corner - TKO!

Turkey and Chestnut Meatballs in a Velvety Mushroom Sauce

Another one-pan wonder to serve the whole family with minimal fuss!

Blueberry Maca Chia Breakfast Pudding

What better way to celebrate sunshine in spring than with a beautifully bright, light and vibrant breakfast pudding bowl.
 The deep purple pudding is bursting with antioxidants from both the blueberries and the chia seeds.

5 Ingredient Chocolate Mousse

This could even be as few as 4 ingredients as vanilla is not absolutely essential for the texture and not detrimental to the taste, though it definitely does taste better with vanilla!

Paleo Beef Stroganoff

My husband is a big fan of red meat especially beef and venison. We haven't had beef stroganoff since I turned Paleo (going on 2 years) so I figured it was high time to reintroduce him to one of his old favourite dishes.