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Ten Things I Miss When on Holiday

Paleo Treats oh how I missed you...
There are plenty of things I DON'T miss about home when on holiday eg laundry, washing up, cleaning, ironing - need I go on? But I was surprised to learn what I DO miss..

1. My Nutribullet - more specifically my daily green Nutribullet drink of 2 parts either spinach/ spring greens/ kale/ coriander, 1 part fruit, with a dash of cinnamon or chunk of fresh ginger and a spoon of Great lakes Gelatin.
My Nutribullet
2. Coconut oil - yes, I know, I could just take some with me but without a kitchen what would I do with it apart from eat it out of the jar straight up (with my fingers as there wasn't even a spoon in the hotel room).
3. The squat rack - the hotel gym was perfectly adequate with a few treadmills for sprint cardio, a good selection of dumb bells, a barbell and a weight bench. Plus I took my skipping ropes. But once or twice a week a good squat needs a decent amount of loaded weight.
4. My daily cup of Bone Broth or Ginseng Tea with Chinese red dates.
5. Coconut milk/ cream - mostly for my coffee but also with meals and fruit.
6. Sauces - meals which are relentlessly plain grilled or baked without any sauce can get dull very quickly. However, given a choice between dull versus standard sauces which are guaranteed to include gluten/flour or a dairy base, it truly wasn't a difficult decision.
7. Avocado - at some point over the past year or so I seem to have graduated to consuming half an avocado too many days of the week. I actually stowed away 2 avocados in my onboard hand baggage and ate them over the course of the holiday in the hotel room - peeling them by hand and eating them like a peach, was a new experience!
Avocado filled with sauerkraut and a squeeze of sirracha
8. Wakame seaweed - not quite as often as avocado but certainly several times a week features
an appearance of the iodine rich green stuff on my plate.
9. Quality chocolate - by this I mean over 85% cocoa content and not stuffed full of sugar and dairy. I compromised with local 70% chocolate after my packed stash of 85% ran out (sooner than it ought to have!) and have the hives to show for it.
10. Paleo home bakes - this had the advantage of meaning a week entirely free of baked goods which in all begrudging honesty is not a bad thing. Though being stared in the face by a danish pastry counter every morning, a bread mountain every lunch and a tantalising dessert and cake vista every evening was not helpful in fuelling the fire of deprivation.
Butternut Squash and Whole Orange Breakfast Muffin

Almost made the list:
Cinnamon -which I hadn't realised I sprinkle liberally on far more than is considered normal eg on raw fruit, cooked fruit, my Nutribullet, in my coffee, over vegetables for roasting, to name a few.


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