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Super Simple Unsweetened Apple Sauce

Our family has had a month of passing the virus baton!
Super Simple Unsweetened Apple Sauce
Along with half the mums of the children in my 7 year old's class, I was struck down by some undiagnosed illness
(see for more details!) that culminated in me literally poo-ing blood - too much information I know but seriously, the entire toilet bowl was red and an ambulance had to be called to ensure it wasn't fatal!

I survived the week of hell by trying to follow the rather antiquated BRAT diet [bananas, rice, apple (sauce), toast]. Needless to say it was devoid of toast so officially more of a BRA diet, which just sounds wrong. And yes, I even had some rice in the form of a completely plain 'congee' - a traditional Chinese rice soup generally served to the convalescing and infant population made from overcooked rice with a lot of water.

Then my 4 year old contracted a similar virus - on holiday of all times! Which was stressful as I didn't have the facilities to cook nourishing food for him and had to watch him suffer while compromising with the closest substitutes available at the hotel buffet.

And finally, the day after we returned home, my husband came down with a similar virus that involved an unearthly amount of diarrhoea. He blames the inflight lasagna. I wouldn't know given I cracked open my emergency tin of smoked oysters I carry around for exactly these situations.

Anyhow, the point is that I was finally able to make applesauce for someone who needed it (I was too ill to make it for myself). Yay! The pectin contained has long been used as a tool in the management of diarrhoea. However, raw apples are too tough on the fragile digestive system when suffering from an upset stomach.

Unusually I leave the skin on the apples as it contains a lot of the pectin. I made sure to wash the apples thoroughly, use organic apples and cook until soft before blending into a puree. As I used red apples (Royal Galas in this instance), the end result turns a rather pretty pink hue (more noticeable if cinnamon is omitted). An added advantage is it makes this even easier to make than the average applesauce!

Super Simple Unsweetened Apple Sauce
Royal Gala Apples
Makes approx 3-4 cups

3 medium apples (I used Royal Gala but substitute with whatever is to hand), washed, cored and cut into chunks
1/2 cup water
1 tsp cinnamon

1. Add all ingredients to a heavy based saucepan with lid. Bring to the boil then lower heat to a simmer, cover and cook for 20-30mins until soft.
2. Puree with hand blender or food processor (I sometimes use my Nutribullet for smaller batches) until smooth.
3. Eat alone, alongside a dollop of coconut cream for a decadent dessert or breakfast, or use in bakes as a natural sweetener.


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