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McPaleo Happy Meal!

Adapted from NomNomPaleo's Spicy Tuna Cakes

The eyes on my 'Happy Meal' are my take on NomNomPaleo's Spicy Tuna Cakes which I batch make and freeze (; served atop swiss chard, smiley face sliced cabbage, asparagus, stirfried with ginger and chilli, in coconut oil.

I like to use butternut squash instead of sweet potato as it is less sweet, hence my cakes look less orange than those featured in the original NomNom recipe. I also sub ghee with coconut oil which I use for most cooking as I'm dairy intolerant. Likewise I usually use Himalayan pink salt for most cooking. I ommitted spring onions (or 'scallions' as our American cousins say) as I didn't have any in the fridge but I added huge bunches of coriander ('cilantro' in American speak) which I LOVE! Nom nom!

McPaleo 'Happy Meal'


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