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Bullet Jounal Review

I am a stationery addict.

There. I have said it out loud. Ever since I was a little girl I would collect, curate and derive infinite joy in owning a treasure trove of bright and beautiful inks, pens, pencils, paints, notebooks, paper, stickers and so on. Art shops trumped TopShop, no contest.

My First Bullet Journal - next up will be the ever popular Leuchtturm1917

When other girls were painting their nails and playing with makeup I was arranging my colouring pencils. Not much has changed. Makeup is still pretty 'meh' to me, whereas a shiny new set of brush pens makes me all tingly inside.

I still own much of my original paint and pencil sets from way back when - another characteristic of mine is both my hoarder instinct (a source of much discord in our home) and my careful (bordering on obsessive) regard for my possessions.

So I will leave it to your imagination the level of excitement when the concept of Bullet Jounalling floated into my field of awareness! That was back in October - over 6 months ago - and once I started I haven't missed a single day. I am now nearing the end of my first journal, which is the perfect time to reflect on its upsides and downfalls.

Collating Quotes in my BuJo

On the upside, I don't miss the multiple notebooks in haphazard concurrent use or the various pieces of loose scrap paper bearing lists and reminders that then become mislaid or simply a household nuisance. Life is now neatly conatined in a manageable A5 space - lists, appointments, to-dos, ideas, doodles - they are all there housed under one little roof.

At a glance, upcoming birthdays mean I am never left scrabbling for a card or present a day late. Babysitters can be scheduled with adequate notice. Somewhere to annotate and materialise ideas, thoughts or memories mean that these are not just lost in the mire of the moment. They can be reviewed and remembered when the luxury of time permits at a later date (for instance while eating a smoothie bowl).

Brand new Leuchtturm1917 at the ready, from my equally stationery-loving little girl

Though by no means obligatory, it is an outlet for creativity. Which invariably gives rise to at least an iota of happiness. Personalising the pages with colour, custom sketches and handlettering makes accomplishing even the most arduous of tasks (almost) enjoyable.

On the downside, I now feel naked without my Bullet Journal by my side. It is somewhat like a regression to the days of toting round a Filofax back in the prehistoric days before the dawn of mobile devices. It certainly isn't going to fit into a breastpocket or clutch bag.

Aside from that, to me there are really no other negatives with the 'BuJo' system. It does require 5 to 10 minutes daily to review what has been completed from the day's to- do list and set up the next day's list. Those minutes would easily be frittered away hunting for some paper or racking the brain for the umpteenth thing filed on your mental to-do list.

Having a tangible list of goals to complete for the day (month/ year/ whatever), propels my Upholder nature into action, spurred on by a complusion to tick off items and earn gold stars for jobs complete!

Conclusion: If you love lists, organisation, personal accountability and stationery, this is for you. x

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